31 july 2017
There is no reason to doubt that NATO will continue its policy. But at the same time, it is clear that this anti-Russian sentiment is slowly losing its momentum, resources for Russophobia are being exhausted as well.
NATO's attack on Yugoslavia, invasion in Iraq, as well as the bombing of Libya, in which the alliance had also participated, all this led to the fact that the society in Western Europe got tired of all these large-scale operations, and NATO has not demonstrated its ability to counter new threats and risks — such as migration, terrorism, organized crime.
NATO's activities in the post-Cold War period have failed to deliver any positive results in terms of ensuring security in Europe, the Russian envoy added.
What has been done by the United States, by the Congress in particular [a bill toughening the anti-Russian sanctions , is not only a blow on international law, on the very fundamentals of the present-day system of international relations, on the norms of the World Trade Organization, it is a serious blow on the transatlantic ties as well.
The new package of the US anti-Russian sanctions ignores legal interests of US allies. Naturally, it cannot but widen gaps in this trans-Atlantic alliance.
14 july 2017
03 march 2017
Ambassador Grushko exlains why NATO moves close to Russian border are potentially dangerous.
07 february 2017
26 october 2016
21 march 2014